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We work with leaders to design futures worth fighting for

The work we do

People want to be part of something that makes a difference. Thriving organizations, ones that stand out in the marketplace, understand the meaning of their work and can communicate its value clearly for others.

We help your leadership team connect with what they believe in and what they stand for.

We tap into your entire organization’s desire and capacity to contribute to your company’s future.
We tell the story of what makes you remarkable and the difference it makes to the people you serve.

We create the tools and model the behaviors that produce relevant action and lasting change.
We help with:
  • Marketdifferentiation & growth

  • Leadershiptransition & succession

  • Employeeengagement & recruitment

  • Strategicplanning & implementation


Uncovering the principles and authentic story that guide all decisions and inspire engagement


Designing the initiatives that establish and nurture the internal and external relationships that are vital to success

Digital Brand

Creating the most effective expression of your story through websites and video

Brand Experience

Crafting core visual and communication vehicles to convey an organization's unique story to the marketplace


Generating the capacity to realize an ideal future and integrate change

Where we begin

Identity Assessment

Do you know what your world thinks of you?

Every engagement begins by establishing an objective understanding of how you are perceived by those audiences that matter to you most. It is a modest investment of time and money that provides valuable insights about what your organization means to the world and creates a foundation on which to build your ideal future.

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Design Day

Kick-Start Your Most Critical Initiative In One Day

Two-thirds of strategic initiatives fail to deliver because there’s no genuine buy-in from the larger team. Design Day uses one of your critical business problems to model, in real time, an approach to program design that will give you a new way to look at your business and your people, and will give everything you do a greater chance of success

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What our clients say

“They helped us not only to express what we do, but to connect us with what we believe in and what we stand for. We can point to a new, higher level of success in being selected for the work where we feel we can make a difference. And our new clients feel that way too.”

Barry Svigals

Svigals + Partners

“They helped us modernize our company with a new brand strategy that integrates flawlessly with the strategic initiatives of our company. We are now able to express our capabilities with much more confidence and determination than we ever have.”

Brett Greene

General Manager
Willington Nameplate

“Fathom helped us put into words how we feel about the work we do. That story is now the heart of who we are and how we express ourselves in all of our work.”

Kathy Nanowski

Director of Marketing and Business
Fuss & O’Neill

“Fathom quickly became a trusted partner that helped guide us through a major change in our 34 year history with outstanding results. 2015 was a record year in terms of sales and attracting new customers. Employee morale has improved evidenced by higher productivity and product quality.”

Betty DaCruz

Chief Financial Officer
DaCruz Manufacturing

“What was most remarkable about Fathom, was their guiding hand and ability to capture, distill and re-articulate our thinking into powerful, vivid language. Our experience with them was, as the Brits like to say, “brilliant!.”

Fred Mandell

The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership

Examples of our work

Video stories

  • Kelser Event

  • DaCruz Manufacturing

  • Svigals + Partners

  • Kaman Corporation

  • Willington Nameplate

  • Kelser Brand

Our team

We give our clients everything we have. We come together as individuals committed to our personal passions and as a united team dedicated to making lives and livelihoods better for everyone we meet.


Raise employee engagement, attract the best talent, clarify difficult decisions

The Crafting Meaningful Values for Your Organization workbook provides a clear, comprehensive process for identifying the ideals that shape your organization’s daily actions and interactions, and form the basis for your long-term stability.

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